Sterling Sleep Systems Softside Waterbed Setup Instruction

Have you recently purchased a Sterling Sleep Systems Waterbed system? Our current models include the 8300 plushtop, the 8400 pillowtop, and the 8500 Euro-top with Latex and/or memoryfoam overlays. This Video will show you the best way to setup your new mattress.

Don’t have a Sterling waterbed yet? Then visit us online at for current packages and pricing.


Mopar Man says:

i have a king hardside waterbed

Rogelio Jimenez says:

yo tengo una cama de agua nueva me sirvió mucho esto

Karla Toro says:


Princess Diamonds says:

Is this bed a queen size? King soft sides have two box springs just like traditional mattress correct?

Izzy Kaplan says:

I have a king size soft-side water bed which I would like  to move to a guest room.  I wonder if the metal frame shown here is sturdy enough to support this size bed.  We do not have a box spring as we had a platform bed and a box spring was not a requirement.

hoarp001 says:

How heavy is a waterbed?

CyRuS The ViRuS says:


5 hours for preparation ? 

R S says:

Thx for the help…but that music makes me sleepy

Shirley Biddle says:

Love a waveless waterbed!

Daniela Rangel vargas says:

yo quiero una pero unca me la van a comprar

anton hochschild says:

Always glad to hear from a customer that likes waterbeds. especially one from federal Signal. my personal favorite light bar company 🙂

Karla Toro says:


anton hochschild says:

@hoarp001 depends on the fill depth, but generally speaking, a king size waterbed can weigh up to 1,571 lbs, and just to calm any fears, i have never heard of one falling through the floor. that is sort of a waterbed urban legend. i suppose it is possible if your home is not built to state standards, or if the waterbed is not on a proper heavy duty 9 leg metal bed frame, but the chances of that in real life are incredibly slim. thanks for your question.

Star 9 Divine says:

how about a good video on how to empty a waterbed with baffles? what there is available on Youtube doesn’t really address how to NOT destroy the baffles in the process. 🙁

Karla Toro says:


Laraine Anne Barker says:

My previous (queen size) waterbed had a slatted wooden base and my present one has 16 castors under a base that contains four drawers. New Zealand houses aren’t exactly built to fortress standards (especially low-cost ones like ours) but we’ve never had a problem with the waterbed doing any damage to the bedroom floor. Even the earthquakes (well, tremors really) haven’t done any significant damage to the house (so far; touch wood).

marz3335 says:

I heard you don’t need a heater for soft side?

anton hochschild says:

thank you for your feedback. we will take that into consideration for any remakes of our movies

anton hochschild says:

Not true. while there are many people out there that dont use them, they are always recommended. If the water in your bed gets too cold, it can cause your body to go into shock. it can also cause the plastic to get too cold, and crack or split. Also, using a heater can keep the bed closer to your body tempreture. this is important because if the temprture between your body and the bed is too different, condensation can occure causing mold, and making you think the bed has a leak in it.

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