The Best Mattress Bed to Buy for Neck & Back Pain, Pinched Nerve, Herniated Disc Sufferers

It is very important to make sure you are using the right type of mattress for your spinal health. If you’re not getting the proper sleep, your problems will only linger on and never repair.


Fernandes Reis says:

Dr mandes i am with hernia cervical between c5- c6   , i am my memories is losing, what is happening, what is the cure?

April Hall says:

So, here I hear a medium firm mattress is best, but I just watched his other video talking about the benefits of sleeping on the floor. Floors are more firm. Hmmmm…meh, I prefer an extra firm mattress.

James Briggs says:

Utilized this back pain guide, “fetching loni” (Google it) two days ago and already feeling the changes. This is a recommended option to keep lower back pain from going back. As I had believed, it attained my expectation. This performs naturally and provides the essential comfort even though I used it just recently..

Tina Goris says:

Hi Doc, thank you for your videos. Wish I had found them 3 yrs ago. I have a C 5-6 herniation. You truly love what you do and are very generous to share such a wealth of information. I was wondering what your thoughts are on a firm waveless waterbed? I’ve tried innerspring, and memory foam with no luck.

2Awesome says:

Medium-firm is too firm for me though (mattress doesn’t touch my lower back) top layer has to be soft =(

L M says:

This video had good advice which I followed. I went to mattress store today and tried several different types before finally choosing one. Glad I did it as this video advised.

Xiao ling says:

You are saying mid-firm is right, yet your another video is saying you should sleep on the floor , which is super hard I am confused

Linn Bing says:

Thx for the video. Do you think memory foam or springs are better to release lower back pressure?

Lois R. Medina says:

I have battled with back pain for years until I stumbled upon an efficient natural treatment and at last cured it within 17 minutes. It made my doctor startled!

tonya lopez says:

thank you for the video. my friend is a veteran and has has surgery on his neck. he has a air bed. I’m shopping for him to get a new bed. he lives in a motor home. it gets hot. we live in northern Ca. the air bed has popped up into one big bubble on one corner and I find it hard to sleep with two persons on it. would loft, pocket maybe 8″ or height or more, I was going with gel latex. before I buy, what’s your opinion on a height, style and sweat dust resistant mattress. until I seen your video we were looking for a firm bed.

epi demic says:

thanks doctor mandel!

love love says:

this is amazing I wish I could get a new mattresses me and my 4 years old son sleep in the mattresses that is full of mold we cough every night that we come to the room because of the mold of the mattresses some people wish gold and diamonds me and my son we just wishing a new mattresses

Steve C says:

this was a waste of 4:12 of my life

Sari Al says:

I have been looking for you for the past three years!! Trapezius/neck/shoulder pain has been controlling my life for three years. Three doctors, MRIs, xrays.. physical therapy etc to no avail. I’ve been doing some yoga on my own, will start to look for a mattress very soon and do some of your exercise suggestions. Thanks for the videos!

gregory ray says:

I’ve come to the conclusion I’m just not going to sleep anymore. Looking at new mattresses now and it’s such a crap shoot.

MIke DeVIta says:

What about Sleep Number?

Wes Tesfaye says:

Dr. Mandell ~ I don’t have a enough word to thank you. My dearest/kind brother been struggled with a neck pain/pinched nurve ~ by watching your life saver video. I bought for him a pillow and all the great exercises. God bless!!!

Gable Mullen says:

I member d days me and my pregnant wife had to sleep up on yonder on top of the mountain first we laid some Dem dang ol wooden pallets down. Then we would go and steal some Dem dare chicken feathers from the people’s down the hills farm. Once we got up enough chicken feathers we laid em out on Dem dang ol wooden pallets and top em off with old crochet blanket ma made for me before she went off to prison. And I tell ya what it sure as hell helped my hemroids real good

Jonny Q says:

What do you think about body pillows? I don’t sleep on them I just hug them I’m a side, and back sleeper.

Gordon says:

his jaw is flapping and nothing is coming out

المجموعة للفنون الموسيقية The Group music Band says:

You wanna watch doctors who really care about you .. thats a one great example.. i highly Respect your efforts Doctor.. and please do not stop what should be told ( truth ) there are lives on board.

God bless you

vijion2020 says:

You answered nothing

Clare C says:

Really love this back pain guidebook, “fetching loni” (Google it)! I find it too good to be true at the beginning however when I used it yesterday evening, I find myself with a relieved back next thing in the morning. Because I am very happy with the results, I also delivered the guidebook to my mom and dad. I was told that they can`t just imagine how fine was it. The most beneficial remedy for back pain..

Susie O'Mahoney says:

I have always slept on cheap divans until 2014 when my my mattress wore so bad I could not sleep beyond 4am with severe back pain. I got a memory foam topper and for a few months it was great then the pain returned. I thought the topper had gotten soft so I decided to buy a full orthopedic mem foam mattress…big mistake. Have been in pain for a year. I am ok till around 4 am then my mid back aches & is so sore until i get up & then i am pain free all day. I have recently been on a computerised comfort zone in a bed shop and was shocked to see that my pressure points were bad on a firm (5) & (4) but eased up on a soft (1) & (2) I have decided to go for a pillow sprung with mem foam topping on a (2) & hoping this helps…thoughts appreciated…thanks

WALED _ says:

so wheres the answer doctor!!!…whats the best mattress we should buy?? 🙁

Sarah Hajian says:

Doctor Mandela, i have 2 question for you.
I have serious neck pain about a year, 1–when i am sleeping on the floor at night the pain goes away or at least i feel better the following day, thou you mentioned the “firm” mattress might not be beneficial as Medium Firm. do you still think medium firm is the best mattress for me?
2–How to choose the mattress jut by lay on it for couple of minutes? what is the trick to know if its the right one for me?

Shaun Bryce says:

I’m looking for a new mattress that’s gonna be great for years starting to feel the Springs in my mattress now I don’t really have any pain anywhere but I do wake up a lot and toss & turn I feel a little more firm of. Mattress please help

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