The history of waterbeds

People fell hard for waterbeds when the aqua-filled bedding was introduced half a century ago, but waterbed sales have tanked since their high-point in the 1980s, when about one in every five beds sold in America was a waterbed. Luke Burbank interviews Charlie Hall, the original’s inventor, who has introduced a “new and improved” version of the water-filled mattress, the Afloat.

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LostMySauce says:

Are americans ready to fall back in love with the waterbed?

No, we have memory foam now.

Raksa E36 says:

Can i just buy bed only. I already have wild water waiting at home.

scootidy mcdoogy says:

Am I the only one who first saw one in A Goofy Movie?

When Death Declares War says:

He looks great for his age.

Nthern Star says:

I had one from waterbed city, it was comfy.

budzie budzie says:

Would i be called an inventor if i put soda in a bed?

X Chris X says:

Nothing wrong with wet and wild kids. Keep it moving

Miss Jenny's Cleaning says:

I had a waterbed crib mattress for my babies.

Tiger says:

1:51 why would you read a book like that?

darkespeon64 says:

i hate water beds they are either way to hot or bone chilling freezing but maybe its because i live in arizona where you dont want to lay on something hot for half a year….. nvm this women loves it and so do my parents

george anthony says:

Santa rosa my lovely wine county 707 always on the map

jasonx409able says:

My dad bought a waterbed in 1988 I remember seeing my dad build the wood frame with a hammer and nails! I thought it was the coolest bed on earth!!!

Typical Pilot says:

So If World’s fattest man Sleeps on it Will it expolde the whole house?

Nova says:

0:00 just like your mother in bed last night

stone sherrill says:

When I was a baby my mom and dad had a water bed. One night they decided to let me sleep with them. In the morning I was basically underneath my dad

budzie budzie says:

He didnt invent waterbed. He put water and bed together thats not inventing, thats just pairing.

Tavon Fenwick says:

Thanks for not explaining what the new water bed is

Charlie The Cowboy says:

I’m gonna get this thing

Hyphae says:

I don’t think I cna ever get one I’d have the unbelievable urge to stab it

FBI says:

If somebody afraid of leaks, just make the sides and bottom of your bed in which the water mattress is on have bunch of holes from which in case of an leak the water can go thro.


I had a waterbed back in the 15o0’s and by jolly it was the next best thing to practice surfing on.

showgirls around the world a dancer family says:

I love a waterbed!!!

11STARFIRE says:

Are waterbeds still sold today in 2019

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