The New Purple Mattress vs Original Purple Mattress | What!? What!?

This is our comparison of The New Purple Mattress vs the Original Purple Mattress.
We have had the original Purple Mattress for a little over 2 years now, and The New Purple .4 Mattress for about 2 months.

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Purple .4 Unboxing:
Original Purple Mattress Review –
Zinus Smartbase Review –
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sam med says:

Love your vids

Mike Sumner says:

What what! How are you wonderful people doing fantastic I know! Jaymie question for you… I use dollylocks rosemary peppermint and love it and the dollylocks tighten gel and a SPRITZE of The aloe lime tighten spray and I love it! I tend to have a little dandruff sometime and I know that helps do you recommend The dollylocks detox kit, I have used baking soda mixed with fresh squeeze lemmons and no applecider before… I saw a Good kit from a Dutch company and they say everything I use but they add witch hazel with their kit? What’s your opinion on that and does the witch hazel make that big of a difference? Sorry for this short book,but I have learned sooo much from you and know you guy’s are brutally honest and would really appreciate your advice… Love your videos and keep 1 comings everyDay lol but that would be awesome. Ty and looking forward to hearing from you soon! One love Dready Mike✌️

idliketosay says:

Brianna Cunningham to everyone reading this…you will save a lot of money by simply buying a pocketed coil spring mattress on amazon for cheap and then adding a 3 inch latex mattress topper on top. The purple mattress is pretty much copying the idea of latex since it also has that rubbery feel.

Just make sure the items you buy on amazon are free to return as well. For me, I got an 8” Sunrising Bed hybrid bed and then a 3” Latex soft mattress topper. All this for close to $500. Much more affordable and just as comfy. Plus, u can customize if by adding more layers of mattress toppers or differ level of firmness. Good luck.

Brianna Cunningham says:

I actually called Purple when my husband and I were deciding which mattress to purchase and the representative said that from most firm to most soft, it would be Purple .2, Original Purple, Purple .3, Purple .4. Just wanted to mention this in case anyone wanted something firmer than the Original. He said the .2 was firmer because of the coils whereas the Original has memory foam beneath the hyperelastic polymer making it slightly softer. That being said, my husband and I just got the Original last Thursday and I’m still getting used to it. I really like it for back sleeping but I’m a side sleeper and I think we may need to upgrade to the .3 or .4. It’s just such an expensive jump from the Original to the .3 or .4!! So far I’m still in pain waking up on the Original but they recommend giving it 30 days to let your body adjust. We’re going to do that before making any final decision about upgrading. If you guys have any thoughts or suggestions on upgrading, let us know!

FireballBecca Productions says:

I saw a purple ad lol

Not Hananj says:

Getting one for Christmas this is all I want! I want a mattress

Ricky Ailion says:

Why have I watched all of your mattress reviews. It’s 3 am and I don’t have money for these. I have student loans bending me over

Flash Reviews says:

With all respect, it’s harder to have sex on the new Purple 4? I’m thinking here how bad I’m going to sink…

WVpara says:

How is the edge collapse on both mattresses when sitting at the edge of the bed?

Smiley Dan says:

Hey just found your channel and i love you guys. I challenge you both to play 5 rounds of rock paper scissors thr loser of each round gets egged and the overall loser gets gunged

Mike Sumner says:

What what… How are y’all doing fantastic, more videos they make my day or week and always honest to the core! Question is it better to wash your dreads with cold or hot water…? Ty and ☝ love Mike

Charlie Sprado says:

I’m just twelve and I want the purple.3 but my parents have a Casper which you guys should try out

CornCob Cubing says:

Your shirt is so amazing!! Where did u get it?

AzureHaiku says:

Jaymie sounds alot like Mabel from Gravity Falls

Chris Vargas says:

Is it heavy?

Jinese Yockman says:

Josh & Jamie, Wonderful & informative vids, tysm. ‘My’ Joshua & myself found ourselves stuck & midly entertained watching a cpl hrs of ur vids, lol…
Out of curiosity, what do u do with /and or, happens to all your mattresses, lol?
Again, ty.

Expert Wolf says:

I think it’s because you’re getting used to it maybe that’s why the original purple bed is like a rock oh and I love purple I just got the original purple bed and I Love it ps this is not a hate comment

Arctic Borkism says:

What if I’m 120 lbs? Which should I get

RedDepo says:

I’ve been hearing a lot about the original Purple matress sagging after a year. Is that true?

teletruda says:

Do you know how the new works on an adjustable base considering it has Springs? Does it form well to the base when in an up position?

chris Sorensen says:

Will you guys get the power base for purple 4, reply would be appreciated. I’m just wondering since you have the purple pillows, sheets, not sure about bed protector but the power base with 4 will be cool to see. Someone did the power base with the original and it looked amazing with a zero gravity mode to make your matress the best.

Mk McDowell says:

Do either of you get lower back pain on the 4 while sleeping on your stomach? I’m female around 125 lbs. and I’m wondering if it would work for me. I also sleep on my side. I’m thinking the 3 would be the best compromise for my weight and sleeping positions.

Cheshire Cat says:

So I’m 6’4″ tall and around 250lbs I started waking up with a stiff back and I’m just starting to not be okay with that so I was thinking about getting a new mattress with my paycheck tomorrow. Would you guys recommend spending the extra like 600 bucks for the Purple 2? I mean I know that the 3 and 4 are better but that’s a ton more when you are buying a California King size mattress. Ounce you hit 6’4″ tall it’s hard to fit on anything smaller sadly.

Ian Robinson says:

How is sex on a purple

Sleep comfortable With Kaden says:

Hey Jamie and josh you guys your videos motivated me to make this Chanel thanks for your help

Samuel Torres says:

I have lower back issues, purple rep recommended the purple 3. What are your thoughts? Will the original purple do the trick? I am a stomach, back and side sleeper. Usually because I am always tossing and turning at night due to my back.

jibboom2112 says:

is the upgrade $2200 worth of awesome?

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