New year, new bed! A bed/mattress unboxing! Thanks Dream Bed! (Sponsored. All thoughts are my own; yours may differ.) http://dreambed.com Use code Lamarr50 for $50 off! (good for 1 yr)
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This is the biggest unboxing I’ve ever done and the coolest. A BED…in a BOX! Amazing. Who ever thought I’d do a mattress unboxing? Here is some information about the Dream Bed I unboxed from their website: http://dreambed.com. Remember you can get $50 off by using the code Lamarr50 at checkout, and that’s food for one year!

The Dream Bed comes in two universally likable and flawlessly functional options: The Original Dream Bed and The Cool Dream Bed. Both offer optimal support, constant comfort, and an unobtrusive footprint. The Dream Bed doesn’t need a frame, box spring, or headboard. It fits to a tee for your sleek, seamless lifestyle.

How do you fit that bed in a box?
Magic! No, just kidding. We have a proprietary process by which we compress and fold The Dream Bed so that it can fit in the box for easy shipping without damaging the foam. The foam is porous, so air is able to be pushed out of the bed. This is what allows The Dream Bed to be compressed and fit in such a small box! When The Dream Bed is pulled out of the box, air rushes back into the foam, thus causing the expanding process you see once you break the air tight seal.

When you purchase The Dream Bed, we give a bed to a child or a person in need.

A good night’s sleep is the foundation for everything we do. It affects our health, happiness, success and ability to dream big. That’s why we want to share the gift of sleep with everyone everywhere.

Your Dream Bed purchase makes a difference in a simple yet powerful way. With every bed purchased, we give a child or family in need an opportunity for a comfortable and healthy sleep space. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Why not sleep on dreamy layers of luxurious comfort and donate the same to others? Unbox a better tomorrow through our Get One, Give One component and we will deliver a better night’s sleep to those in need.

We collaborate with numerous giving partners to determine where we can impact the dreams of others through products and services because everyone deserves to dream. Dream big and make a positive social impact to improve lives and fulfill the Get One, Give One promise around the country. Better sleep means bigger dreams for everyone!

Intro/Ending Singing & Music by Tae Brooks http://youtube.com/taebrooks
Royalty Free Music licensed by http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/

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dck jones says:

you will probably not see this. since u posted this video a while ago. But i see nothing but the best for you. you are funny, kind, honest, and seem to want to do the right thing by others. i find when we do all that we can and be as genuine and kind while doing it, goods things follow in time. i wish you the best success you can reach. god bless and thank u for being u for me.

Densee says:

That bed is about as big as my phone

Dionicio Ramirez says:


Alberto Huerta says:

My dream is for Lamar to get a lot of subscribers

Mirko Dulic says:

3:29 Man … When i saw you jumping on the bed and smiling i felt happiness Not because it was funny its because i saw you enjoying your life being what do you want to be, achieving your goals. The fist time i saw you it was unboxing some random disney toy and i thought to my self .. Man this guy is lonely and creepy ( no offence ). Because even if i dont have money to buy some of that stuff i still enjoy watching you ! Thanks for the videos you upload ! your really great !

Melanie Riles says:

LolThat’s hilarious

sRiNi TiNkER says:

i loved it lamaar tht is u jumped in ur bed

bob smith says:

I’m dreaming of some icecream and a lot of melted chocolete on top with a cherry and whipped cream… Whelp gotta go to the fridge all…. bye 🙂

shaan chutoori says:

i just love ya..


OMG I don’t feel strange anymore, now that I’ve seen you jump on your bed ❤ I still do it at age 38 ❤ I LOVE YOU ❤ I can watch your videos all day ❤

Aujouret says:

Who is this guy? He is a silly rabbit.

AAA Gaming says:

it’s amazing how the pillow set themselves up

Isaiah Newman says:

My dream is to be a music producer

Dillon Chan says:

Lamarr love your channel man – I actually just did an unboxing on my channel of the Leesa bed. You should check it out. My dream is that I’ll get to 1000 subs. hahaha its a small amount but big enough for me. I just appreciate making content and its not easy.

Matthew Pijan says:

So one year later Lamarr…do you still like the Dream Bed? Is it worth it?

FatTonyX says:

One of my dreams is to be big on YouTube and to meet my favorite Youtubers like DashieXP, Game Grumps, Tpindell, and maybe even you Lamarr:-).

Robs gameday says:

I wish I had a bed

Jimin's broken glasses by rapmonster says:

My dream is to have a puppy

Donald Trump says:

My dream is to have an xbox one

iTech Collection says:

pliz lamar continue coure videose I like what you are dooing]

James DePass says:

its called a MATTRESS!

Kolby Slife says:

My dream is to become successful on YouTube.

YoloDude 297 says:

I got the purple bed ad when watching this video

shahariar shazzad says:


C. banks says:

it’s like he lives in a store…

Kane Gatt says:

very Good Video,
Well done !!!

Omar Madian says:

lamar your the best

Ryo Chuu says:


Clemintine da boss AKA :Siri Great says:

3:28-3:34 I was afraid the bed would break.

Chris Benanti says:

How does this compare to the purple mattress?

Nicobe Records says:

u wild boy!

jody024 says:

Vacuum packed mattress……

Mika Kime says:

Do you still like the bed?

James Respress says:

I succeed at different thing and I’m smart and want to be a happy and successful. Person in life

DBZayan says:

Dude you are like my hero!

Brian Schermerhorn says:

GO to 2 minutes to get to unboxing

AsterHD says:

MY WISH IS TO>>>have friends ;-;

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