Waterbed Mattress installation from Aquaglow Waterbeds

How to install your Aquaglow Waterbed soft sided and hard sided waterbed mattress. Demonstrated on a soft sided waterbed.
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PokeGamerPlays Games says:

The mattress is very important, make sure you get the right size mattress or your mattress won’t be like a normal bed it will be a mattress.

ศิริทิพย์ พิริยะวิบูลย์กุล says:

me not have and me

nantia arseni says:


pepcake gamer says:

Never mind it is boring

Kavia Parchment says:

It. helped me a lot

Miranda Hampton says:

I want a water bed

SWUSH says:

Couldnt u just disconnect your fill hose from the water source and use the hose while still attached to the mattress to siphon the remaining air then just reconnect to water source and complete the filling process?

Mantesh Madiwal says:

wasting your time and water

Sarju Kamdar says:

This is the most bordering video I’ve ever seen

Arajoy Tepace says:

why dont you watch the movie without saying anything ?
very judgemental humans!

wildeerie crazycat says:

And does it work on a futon?

Micah Glover says:

is it possible to safely use these if you have cats

I LOVE my DOG DAISY I love Daisy says:

Question, where could I find a place selling waterbed hardside frames? Every store has either the most basic wooden frames, or are overly expensive

James Barbour says:

Water mattresses suck. One tiny hole and just imagine the uncomfortable feeling of having wet blankets

Frank Henrique Souza says:


spotlight kids says:

At the beginning of the video it really does not work .But I will check it out .

you dont know me :33 says:

18:00 thank me later

Harley Quinn says:

comment or like if you love the water bed

Naarah Asamoa says:

who is watching this and even doesn’t have one

Tatiyana Diaz says:


wildeerie crazycat says:

How much does it cost

sanjeev Ranjan says:

garmi ke liye aaramdayak

its michel Vlogs says:

To many talking

Brandon_ plays 201 says:


Lnbj24/Lina NBJ says:

All I wanted to do was to see the thing getting filled up and you skipped it ;(
Not funny

Lata Thapa says:

its soooo boring nd this is verry long video

maria vasquez says:

stop being so rude

Kelvin Meraz says:

grampa show

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