Did any of you ever have a waterbed? Did you find any real reason why they were a good choice of bed apart from maybe been more fun until that novelty would wear off? Let me know


D00mM4r1n3 says:

I miss my water bed, my brother and I each had one for ~7 years but when we moved to a new house my parents didn’t want to transport them and made us throw them out. 🙁

KrazyKali69 says:

volume is too low and can’t understand a word you’re saying.

wobbler44 says:

Been a user since 1975, swear by it. Nothing like slipping into a warm water bed on a cold night.
I started using one due to the fetish aspect, but now it’s just for comfort, plus cleaner than a mattress and doesn’t harbour bedbugs!

michaelsjourney87 says:

i have a california king waterbed and it helps tremendously with orthopedic pain no pressure points warm in winter very soothing cool in summer i’ve had them off and on my whole life tried all kinds of mattresses in my 29 years and i won’t ever go back to any other bed it’s what works for me

Frank WasBetter says:

Is it weed, coke or some form of home brewed speed? 
I don’t know but I do want to know more about Chromecast from your drug fueled perspective.  

Trey Beanz says:

i havent seen a water bed since i was a little kid but i remember i thought they were really great an always wanted one , but id never want one now ( if they even make them still) id be worried about poppin the matress , plus tryin to sleep while the bed friggin wiggles all around would drive me bonkers lol , ive never seen one get filled up , i wonder if u gotta run a hose from a fosset to the bed , shit that would be another pain in the ass , and i can not sleep wit socks on it dont feel right , cool topics frankie

tracy freeland says:

My best friend had a water bed when I was a teen. Every time I slept over he had me sleep on the water bed. Hated it. You sank down in when you got on. It sloshed every time you moved and would take forever to stop moving. Almost made me sea sick. Plus you had to roll out of it. If you sat up when you tried to get out your bum would sink down and you couldn’t get out of bed. Hate water beds to this day. Trace

Joe Dursley says:

slow down when u speak 

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