What’s inside a Mattress?

We cut our mattress in our master bedroom in half to see what it looks like. It was very interesting! We cut things in half so you don’t have to.

Thanks to all those that suggested we cut open a bed mattress. Let us know what else you would like us to cut open!

We are so lucky to be sponsored by Helix Sleep for this video. All opinions on Helix Sleep are true and honest and they are ours.

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Scott Neilson says:

why he call his dad by his first name?

fuk0ff f00d says:

cant you slit your sons throat, so he will never scream that loud again

LMunicorn 22 says:


Caleb Cumbow says:

what’s in side a telescope

kitkat266 says:

To me it looked like a sandwich

Brooklynn Bates says:

He screams like a little girl

Mr Deev says:

What’s inside Lincoln

Kama's Queen says:

What’s really crazy that is that Mattress was a waste of good money

Arsh Singh says:

That’s where they hide their emergency money

addy gilbet says:

Do a home tour

Leena Pereira says:

whats inside a torch ?

Girly Toys TV says:

That is funny

Summer Stewart says:

Cut a rubex cube

KatouMegumi_osu says:


Mia Lucas says:

You look like your just the older brother lol!!

Gabe Anderson says:

You know kids that don’t even fresh water would like that bed to sleep on but you just decide to cut your bed in half y’all are just so wasteful and selfish

Zacharie Giroux says:

You made a single bed

Scarlett Ruffolo says:

This was so interesting

Josef Tofuri says:

What inside YOUR MOM

wrath says:

I do not want to push you to buy something but it would be amazing if you could see what was inside a printer

James Loveland says:

You really need to do a house tour the only places we’ve seen are down stairs and outside

Nitin kumar dubey says:

Which materials uesd in metters ???

icebares 18 says:

Do the kids know they were made on that bed

Ultra Strike says:

Awww little linchon

Sebmac06 says:

4.40 money falling

sloppy Joe says:

I could have that mattress all apart in 5 minutes.

Super Weirdo says:

I had a mattress ad before this…

Mikayla Joy says:

Lincoln has a good dad

Megan G says:

Lol it’s like our Ghost Bed! It came in the mail like that and we love it! Best 1200 we’ve ever spent.

Rap God says:

Whats inside hair

Brigitte Bakonyi says:


Shantel Perez says:

What’s inside the house?

Scarlett Ruffolo says:

Can you see what’s inside a Xbox 1 controllers

Ronald Jose says:

Do a house tour please

Danny's Fish says:

FYI, I recently cut a memory foam mattress in half and it had a fiberglass cover on the inside. Fiberglass partials got everywhere.

turtledude 500 says:

You know what he also means when he says they have a had three kids

Brian Borden says:

Do wast is a purple mattress

मयुरेश तांडेल says:

Lincoln is in which class???

Dylan DeShaw says:


Alyssa Bacon says:

Get a purple mattres

Rhomel Nikko Gallanosa says:

And this is what dad does when mom is out–cuts open a mattress…

Dvideos says:

I was seeing a mattress ad before the video

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