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What happens if you fill a Wubble Bubble Ball- http://epicreviewguys.com/wubble with water? Many have asked us so we try it out! And in this other video you can watch us overfill it with air to see how big it can get before it pops- http://youtu.be/Ka0UbgC1npc First, you will notice that the Wubble Ball looks more like a Wubble Jellyfish when filled with water. And it is surprisingly tough even when stretched quite full of water. We actually had a hard time getting it to pop- we had to let it roll into the yard full of sticks and twigs- but that did the trick and it did finally pop. This As Seen On TV toy really has proved to be tougher than we expected.

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Recorded in Ultra HD 4k.

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Fleur Dis Lee says:

it looks like water in taro leaves

Ana Blue Seawright-Dombrow says:

please gave me all wubble balls to ana thank you for the wubble balls

Charity Colley says:

cool I love it

Alexa Lopez Mejia says:

thas huge

edgar quiroga says:

Quiero hacerlo en casa

Mary Jovianne Calumpang says:

by the way or BTW your song is cool

Vanessa Rodriguez says:

I want to do they

Rylee's Journey Through Life says:

3:45 why is she crying its just water!??!!

Hash Brown says:

who else thinks that the older girl looks like ur sister

Victoria Hernandez says:

I actually want to do that next summer

M Penguin says:

That sucks it went through so much just to pop on the grass

UrAlwaysRekt says:


Mary Jovianne Calumpang says:

it’s not shoe its slippers

The Duck says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alexa Lopez Mejia says:

that looks fun i want to play

Kristin Dudley says:

Only Joe Buck has worse commentary

Evo games says:

Are those his kids

Miki Chan says:

Don’t do this at home!
I did this at home

rambowbash 1215 says:


UrAlwaysRekt says:

An African child could’ve drank that.

Hash Brown says:

who else thinks Roxanna looks like ur sister

RcReventon says:

put a non newtonian fluid in it

BootySlayer HughMungus says:

3:30 close your eyes and listen

Carrot Man says:

Thank god this didn’t get hacked

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